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Popular Embroidery Design Software

Product Description

Shanlong Embroidery Software is the same as Wilcom Embroidery Software in function but its price is much cheaper than Wilcom's!

Shanlong Embroidery Software (embroidery design software, embroidery pattern software, embroidery machine software) makes you become designing expert with ease. With it, pattern can be changed any time and the same pattern can be used in the different fabric and embroidered in different machine. Design Software is now developed to become a powerful and smart tool; easy for study and use; broad compatibility with less configuration and support Windows 95/98/2000/XP,Support various Machine Date formats on many kinds of Machine modles.Support Embroidery Format: Tajima, Barudan, ZSK, Melco etc;

1. Printing customization
Designing tool is available to humanizedly define print format and pattern according to factory's own working pattern and make personalized technics list.

2. Sequin Library
The most ideal sequin solution: off-centre sequin, double sequins, 4 sequins can be made; various envelope curve tactics can be designed for unknown sequin and used for single thread or fill and make pattern.

Based on the regular manual sequin pinching method "Shan Long" Embroidery Design Software has increased the auto sequin input function, which directly improves the efficiency of punching, editing sequin tapes and designs, and maintains precision of sequin tapes and designs, as well the uniformity of types of sequin stitches.

Manual sequin punching method: can complete and create any kinds of sequin stitches.

Auto sequin punching method: Performs all kinds of sequin effects to the best, and makes the sequin punching with high effeciency, plus precision and accuracy. The designs made by auto sequin punching method are extremely easy to edit, revise and good for re-use.

3. Letter embroidery
It has excellent letter making function, adding free laying out way of curve row besides basic laying out function.

4. Towel embroidery
It supports input and output function of towel embroidery to make cockamamie procedure easy.

Main function:
1. Support various basic input way.
2. Support various filling stitch.
3. Support operation of universal embroidery software like editing, displaying, choosing, multilateral choosing.
4. Copy, cut, stick, matrix copy, kaleidoscope function.
5. Support various user-defined library: vein, theme, script, standard pattern, sequin library etc.

6. Support various stitch effect.

Outstanding advantage of Shanlong embroidery software
1.Super Performance-to-Price Ratio and high quality.
Compared with other famous but expensive embroidery software, Shanlong embroidery software has almost same function and characteristics but price is much lower with better technic support and service.

2. Operation and screen style of Shanlong embroidery software conform to usage habit of professional designers so that they quickly and easily learn to use it and work efficiently.
Those who used Wilcom embroidery software can Shanlong embroidery software with ease.

3. Enjoy personalized function and service order.
With improvement of embroidery structure and skill, difference in application environment and material, and appearance of creative craft, new function needs to be added accordingly. We meet our clients' personalized need in new function and service.

4. Installation of Shanlong embroidery software occupies smaller space. Under the same condition in computer configuration, its reaction speed is quicker than that of other embroidery software.

5. It supports many input ways.

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